When did you start to create ?

Well, I was not born an artist. In fact, my calling came quite late and unexpectedly, even if I have always been fond of manual activities

How did you learn and improve your skill ?

I have found my own techniques through work and experimentation. Every artist is an alchemist researcher…

What do you like about this way of expression ?

In my artistic career, photography was a first stage. It was a discipline which taught me a certain sensibility as well as a perception of measures. It also gave me a kind of “adjustment” of my vision to the world: its shapes and its colours. In my paintings, I apply this same rigour which, paradoxically, allows me to surpass myself and to produce something unconscious and mysterious.


What are your favourite themes ?

My approach articulates around the concept of "packaging”, in its allegorical dimension, as a social finery distorting the nature of things. My questioning concerns its limits and its contradictions, its capacity to hide, to transform or to reveal the internal material.

How do you prepare a creative work ?

I need a mental preparation. It is important to feel the right moment, which sharpens your senses, your need in order to welcome a real emotion, coupled with the right energy.

It’s that energy which then shapes into forms. In real life,  I observe, I unconsciously take photos that activate my imagination about how to work on a material and make me opened to the true dialogue with it.


What is your favourite moment when you create ?

The moment when I feel that the plastic result merges with my thought and my vital need to feel absolutely expressed emotions. This feeling means that I succeeded in understanding myself...


What are you trying to share via your art ?

An interrogation, a sensitive perception of the world  that we all compose. Experimentation is a kind of resistance, a resilience. To overtake the limits, open new doors, wonder about what is beyond the experience, to refuse the comfort for a risk which is maybe worth it. The art is for me a vehicle for communication. My work begins its life when leaving my studio and is ready to be exhibited to the eyes of others. It becomes an exchange and communication tool which allows me to interact with the others who express their own emotions and comment on mine. We learn a lot from each other..


Who are artists that fascinate or inspire you ?

The first one that comes to my mind is Ousmane Sow. I love him for his career, his history, the way he fell into art by accident but with a lot of strength. In my painting, I feel very close to the approach of Alberto Burri, precursor of the matierist painting. Like him, I have a particular and physical relationship with the surface of the painting that I used to tear up, grind, mistreat. But I do not have any references. I love the idea that one can create without any influences.


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