Have a practice with an artist  is an opportunity to discover a universe, share a state of mind, learn to look at things in a different way, benefit from an experience and stimulate creativity.

For years, my work concerns the exploration of the properties of the materials and its transformation. The relation to the material is a particular sensibility and thus a perception of the world: to learn to observe, to feel some pleasure in touching a texture, to anticipate the depiction of a relief, to watch differently the common objects and feel capable of transforming them …

My mission is to facilitate empowerment through creative expression.  
The end result is not important.  It is the process that resonates in all aspects of our life and lead to a life-changing experience by stimulating our vital energy.
My workshops are less a “teaching” of artistic methods but a field of playful experimenting which connects art with life and personal issues.
The  program takes many different forms but is always a space where the participants explore their creativity, learn from diversity, transcend traditional patterns,  express themselves and connect with others in a positive, trusting and judgement-free environment that helps in creating meaningful new ideas, methods, interpretations.
It is based on the premise that we’re all innately creative, and don’t need to be a professional artist to borrow powerful techniques from the arts.
Artistic methods are both issue-specific and focusing on free creativity.

The workshops  are adaptable to groups of varied dimensions, age brackets and cultures by taking into account their needs and specific constraints : mini workshops 2H –½ or 1 day – progressive sessions;
The methods  instill a powerful set of values :

•    We are all creative
•    We all have the power to create change
•    Our inner world is as important as our outer world
•    Diversity is a resource
•    Creativity is a source of vitality
•    We thrive in communities where we feel safe, supported and seen


Human issues :

•    to create links and favor the exchanges
•    to get adapted, to live together
•    to increase one’s emotional intelligence and capacity for self-expression
•    To expand one’s creativity
•    to  dare, to push limits
•    to connect with one’s sense of purpose
•    to enhance self estime
•    to change one’s outlook on things

Educational objectives:

•    To favor the reflection and the imagination
•    To awaken one’s curiosity
•    To experiment new tools and technical processes
•    To develop one’s attention, concentration
•    To get adapted to constraints
•    To get involved in an individual or collective project


Children ans teenagers
Specific publics (disabled…)
Educators (trainings)

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