Her plastic project focuses on the idea of packaging in its allegorical meaning of " social ornament ", but more specifically revolves around its paradoxes.

Interpreted in its primary sign origin, this packaging becomes alternately the cocoon announcing the birth, the plastic ecstasy of a metamorphosis, or a lure capable of modifying the identity by a change of shape.

In her work of art, the matters are exploited as substances which are strongly metamorphic or, on the contrary, exposed in a starkness whichmakes them sacred.

After having worked for a long time on the colour considered as a second skin which socializes the matter, the artist anchors her approach in an identity dimension : That of the nature of things and of their metamorphosis, in its exuberance and its fragility..

Valérie Telesca expresses herself in the very matter of her object stemming from the packaging of which she modifies the resistance. 
Contrary to a claim of ephemeral art, her works of art fall within the dynamics of a time which makes them accomplish the challenge of lasting..



( All research works are realized within the framework of the movement " ENERGY TRACKS ": International group of artists the experiments of which concern the physical and chemical processes capable of creating an energy, chromatic or plastic)





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